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Join us on Minecraft:

FARMTOPIA™ in Minecraft​

Discover FARMTOPIA™! Have fun while exploring our world to understand and support the transition to regenerative agriculture!​

Come and play! ​

How do I connect to the server? ​

To understand how to connect, check out our tutorial!​

Download and launch Minecraft and go to the server​

​Editions: Java / Bedrock / Pocket Edition​
Java versions: 1.18.2 > 1.19.2​

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EXPLORE #PlayToLearn​

A new universe awaits you! Cross the bridges and walk paths, talk to farmers and finally achive Plot-World missions. You will learn all about the importance of soil and agroforestry, two of the fundamentals of regenerative agriculture.​

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PLAY #PlayToHavefun​

Accumulate FARMTOPIA™ points by enjoying mini-games and the Plot-World where you will have your own plot to grow!​

For even more fun, other surprises await you!​

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IMPACT #PlayToImpact​

You play to support the transition to regenerative real life! ​


Your action in the game has an impact in real life ​

The points collected by the community will unlock realisations for responsible agriculture!​

Rules of engagement ​


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LEVEL 1 - 40K points achieved in the game

12,000 trees and hedges planted with partner farms  ​

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LEVEL 2 - 80K points achieved in the game

10,000 more trees and hedges planted with our partner farmers  

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LEVEL 3 - 120K points achieved in the game  ​

Let us support farmers further... Stay tunned!​

To go further!​

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Eager to know what regenerative agriculture is?​

Regenerative agriculture is a set of practices designed to protect, renew and restore the environment and improve the lives of farmers and their communities.​
In this 1st edition of FARMTOPIA™, you will discover the importance of soils and trees in two dedicated areas.​
Soils such as trees and hedges are important reservoirs of carbon and are our allies in the race against climate change and in the production of healthy and sustainable food​

Les sols comme les arbres et les haies constituent d’importants réservoirs de carbone et sont nos alliés dans la course contre la montre climatique et dans la production d’une nourriture saine et durable.​

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